New Pokemon Snap provides a more laid-back experience when compared to the franchise’s other titles and their hunts to catch all the Pokemon in the game. In New Pokemon Snap, players go on safari trips across the many biomes of the Lental Region, taking photos of all sorts of Pokemon — many of which are downright adorable. For players looking for a similar experience, Pupperazzi steps up to the plate.

An indie game by Sundae Month, Pupperazzi is similar to New Pokemon Snap in that it’s a first-person photography game — just with dogs instead of Pokemon. Though the game is not out yet, it’s set for release on January 20, so it won’t be long before players can start their careers as dog photographers.


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What To Expect From Pupperazzi

Pet the dog from Pupperazzi

Much like New Pokemon Snap, Pupperazzi’s main goal is to take photos and become a popular dog photographer. This can be done by uploading photos to the game’s version of social media, dogNET, or completing objectives for the other inhabitants of the colorful dog world.

For the player to grow their following as a dog photographer, they will, of course, need the right gear. In the game, this can come in the form of new film types or lenses, and both of these alter the way a photograph will come out. Some objectives reward the player with these items, while others pay in bonks — Pupperazzi’s in-game currency. If the player is looking for a specific type of film or lens, they can head to a shop and use bonks to purchase the desired item. Otherwise, players can simply explore the world and pick up the free items spread across the maps.

Speaking of maps, the world of Pupperazzi is made up of multiple areas. Some examples include Lighthouse Cove, the Buppy Boardwalk, and Muttropolis. These areas are populated with different dogs doing all sorts of things as well as new objectives to complete. Not to mention there are plenty of dog breeds in the game, with pugs, terriers, and even shibas able to be found and photographed. Aside from taking pictures, players can also interact with the game's canines. All the dogs can be pet and played with. Simply picking up a ball or a stick could get a handful of dogs swarming around the player, and they’re more than happy to play fetch.

Although not much has been revealed about Pupperazzi’s potential storyline, early gameplay footage from a video by IndieLand shows dialogue between the player and other dog characters. For example, a journalist-type dog named Scoopmaster Timmy asks the “pupperazzer” for help with the Doggo Documentation Project, where they’ll need photos for the new Puppypedia system. Another dog character simply named “His Majesty,” greets the player when they enter a new area, saying that they have potential. He then says that if the player gains more followers, it might impress him.

Overall, Pupperazzi is a promising title for those who love to chill games and photography — like fans of New Pokemon Snap. Though the games do differ a bit in their subject matter and primary mechanics, fans can agree that they both present a unique opportunity to simply enjoy what their worlds have to offer. Plus, it is hard not to love taking pictures of cute creatures.

Pupperazzi will be available on January 20 for PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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