Add PUBG Mobile update 1.8 to the list of things keeping Spider-Man from finding his way home. Not only is one of the world's most recognizable superheroes dropping in for a visit, but the latest update is adding a plethora of new features to the game.

The new 1.8 update to PUBG Mobile provides a limited-time Spider-Man: No Way Home gameplay mode wherein players can drop into either the Erangel or Livik maps and team up with the web-slinger to battle mysterious monsters and encounter a secret boss. Spidey-themed loot crates will be scattered across the Erangel map to search and retrieve basic supplies as well as a "No Way Home Web Shooter" that lets players sling webs at buildings to slow down enemies.


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Lastly, a "No Way Home Spider Web Ball" will randomly spray webs over a huge area, slowing down all players that move through them. The Spider-Man: No Way Home mode will be available until February 14th.


But the flashy web crawler mode is just the high-profile polish being added to one of the most popular mobile shooters on the market. The real meat of the update includes several key gameplay improvements aimed at making the overall game experience better.

First, a brand-new map is being added. After a volcanic eruption occurs on Livik players will be forced to do battle in the Aftermath of the natural disaster. With all the buildings destroyed and the terrain now fragmented, this new map will play much faster than the original Livik because there will be little to no cover to hide behind.

With improvements to armor in previous updates, Aftermath will drop players into battle with firearms that are already equipped with an AC Core Module and new scope, enhancing both accuracy and handling. Tactical Glasses, also equipped by default, will show damage dealt by weapons. A reduction in the size of the urban area as well as in the density of the Playzone should make finding enemies easier. The addition of ziplines will speed up travel time, and a new Recall System will give eliminated players a second chance to enter the battlefield.

Cheating is always a big issue with online multiplayer shooters, and the new update hopes to address it by overhauling the existing Merit system, improving violation detection, and giving players the ability to report inappropriate behavior during a match.

PUBG Mobile is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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