It’s no secret that PS Plus didn’t end 2021 as strong as it began the year, with the service seemingly running out of steam. However, Sony seems to be kicking off the new year right with it selection of PS Plus free games for January 2022: Deep Rock Galactic (PS5/PS4), Persona 5 Strikers (PS4), and Dirt 5 (PS5/PS4).

This month, in particular, has two strong points to it. First, this is the first offering of two PS5 native versions on PS Plus, which had been one for the past year or so. It’s too early to see if it’s a pattern, but more PS5 versions would be a welcome addition to the service.


Secondly, it nails the necessary variety of PS Plus. By offering a class-based, four-player co-op shooter, a Musou game, and a racing game, there’s a little something for everyone to try.

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PS Plus Free Games for January 2021: The Dark Horse Leads the Pack

Ultimately, whether it’s a good month or a bad month is subjective. And, no matter how good the game selection may be, it’s not always clear how subscribers will react to the games. Godfall, for example, seemed like a solid addition, yet it ended up stirring up controversy on PS Plus with its “Challenger Edition.” For January, it would seem that either Dirt or Persona—both established franchises with a dedicated fanbase—would likely be the most “popular” game, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Deep Rock Galactic on PS Plus, instead, has amassed several fans. A recent message from the developer (seen above) reveals that PS Plus has doubled Deep Rock Galactic’s community, welcoming more than six new players in the first week it was on PS Plus. On the one hand, multiplayer games typically do well on PS Plus because it’s an instant community; games like Rocket League and Fall Guys are a testament to that. On the other, there’s no predicting which multiplayer game offered takes off, and for Deep Rock Galactic, this is an excellent win.

One could argue that it has something to do with Deep Rock Galactic’s PS5 enhancements, but at the core of every good game is innovative fun. Deep Rock Galactic has that, and PS Plus players are loving it. Indeed, it seems to be turning into one of those situations where someone has never heard of it, tries it for free, and ends up becoming a favorite. Deep Rock Galactic’s seasonal content is looking good too, so 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the game. Perhaps even PS Plus too.

PS Plus subscribers typically get a handful of free games every month.

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