Imane "Pokimane" Anys has often voiced her displeasure with Twitch over the years, but it turns out there was a time when she was seriously considering leaving the platform altogether. It turns out that one big change convinced Pokimane that even if she felt burnt out from time to time, she would stick around.

The popular Twitch streamer has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the platform recently. There have been times when she's clearly felt that the service wasn't doing enough to protect herself and other performers from things like Twitch hate-raids. However, partly because she's one of the original and most popular streamers on the site, she's continued to stick it out.


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In one recent stream, Pokimane explained why she had first been thinking about leaving Twitch and then decided to stick around. In the stream, she explained that she was going to be done with the platform this year, except for the fact that there was a recent "explosion" of diversity on Twitch.

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She promised that she had been thinking about quitting the platform "soon" but then she started to see new people coming to Twitch in big numbers. The influx of diversity on Twitch wasn't just streamers. She made it clear that she saw quite a few different viewers that represented women, minorities, and members of the LGTBQ+ community coming onto the site more than they had in the past.

The online personality also made it clear that she wasn't just talking about moving on from Twitch, but rather was looking at quitting streaming altogether and moving onto other endeavors that Pokimane finds important. When some of her viewers expressed surprise that she'd been thinking of quitting altogether, she made it very clear that it was more than just a passing fancy and that she "very likely" would have called it quits if things hadn't changed dramatically in the second half of the year.

Finally, Pokimane explained exactly how she was feeling about the situation, saying she felt like it just wasn't worth streaming anymore. She said that she just wanted to hang out and have some fun, and that it simply wasn't all that fun anymore. However, she added that when there started to be a more diverse audience and roster of streamers she (in essence) found the fun of what she had been doing again and decided to stay in streaming and stay on Twitch.

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