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Not all crafting materials to be found in Monster Hunter Rise come from the titular monsters. Instead, players will find core crafting components from exploring the wildly different biomes Monster Hunter Rise has to offer. These can come from mining outcrops or unique gathering items for each zone.

One such component is Firestone. Firestone is primarily found in mining outcrops in both the Low and High Rank Fire Caverns. There are a few quests that will award it, but to save time, it is recommended to load up an expedition and farm the different mining outcrops. Due to its spawning in both Low and High Ranks, Firestone is a core component in many Low and High Rank weapons and armor. In fact, many of the coveted sets in the game will require players to farm the material.


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Where to Find Firestone



  • 4* Getting Back the Groceries - 5% (x1)
  • 4* So Hot, It Melts Iron - 5% (x1)
  • 4* THE BEST Quest - 5% (x1)


What to Craft with Firestone


  • Ingot Mail (x1)
  • Bullfango Mask (x1)
  • Uroktor Torso (x1)
  • Basarios Helm (x1)
  • Rathalos Coil (x2)
  • Anjanath Vambraces (x1)
  • Tigrex Mail (x1)
  • Death Stench Brain (x1)
  • Utsushi Chest (V) (x1)
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) (x1)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) (x1)
  • Utsushi Tassets (H) (x1)
  • Channeler Robe (x1)
  • Channeler Obi (x1)
  • Medium's Robe (x1)
  • Medium's Obi (x1)
  • Kamura Head Scarf S (x1)
  • Uroktor Torso S (x4)
  • Aknosom Greaves S (x1)
  • Basarios Greaves S (x2)


  • Djinn I (x3)
  • Flaming Fury I (x2)
  • Usurper's Roar I (x2)
  • Cawscythe I (x2)
  • Kamura Blade IV (x3)
  • Kamura Charge Blade IV (x3)
  • Kamura Chorus IV (x3)
  • Kamura Cleaver IV (x3)
  • Kamura Glaive IV (x3)
  • Kamura Glintblades IV (x3)
  • Kamura Gunlance IV (x3)
  • Kamura Heavy Bowgun IV (x3)
  • Kamura Hammer IV (x3)
  • Kamura Iron Axe IV (x3)
  • Kamura Iron Bow IV (x3)
  • Kamura Light Bowgun IV (x3)
  • Kamura Spear IV (x3)
  • Kamura Sword IV (x3)
  • Meteor Bazooka II (x5)
  • Power Gasher I (x2)
  • Barbaroi Blade I (x3)
  • Gun Hammer II (x2)
  • Blazeblades I (x2)
  • Heat Lance II (x1)
  • The Shredder I (x2)
  • Fiore Nulo II (x2)
  • Lava Pick I (x2)
  • Scale Tornado II (x3)
  • Barroth Loader II (x2)
  • Aknosom Blade II (x1)
  • Aknosom Lance II (x2)
  • Aknosom Pike II (x2)
  • Axelion Blade I (x1)
  • Djinn I (x3)
  • Pumpking II (x2)

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC

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