Dragonhusk Shards are a crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise that can be used to create a number of weapons and armor pieces as well as perform several weapon upgrades. This multitude of uses means that many players will want to get their hands on Dragonhusk Shards, though they may be uncertain about where to look for them. Fortunately, it is not particularly difficult to track down Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise, and this guide is here to point fans in the right direction.


Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Dragonhusk Shards

Players that are on the hunt for Dragonhusk Shards should turn their attention to the Bonepiles that are scattered across the Frost Islands. Indeed, this crafting material is looted from Bonepiles, and there are six of these Gathering Spots within MH Rise’s Frost Islands. A recommended route for visiting these spots can be found below, and fans that follow it should amass a large quantity of Dragonhusk Shards fairly quickly.

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To make sure that there is about no confusion about how to take this route, it begins by navigating to Bonepile #1 from Frost Islands' Main Camp. After that pile has been looted, Monster Hunter Rise players should travel to Sub-camp 2 and hit Bonepiles #2 and #3, which are in the shallow water to the south. Fans should then travel northward to enter the tunnel that leads underground and to Bonepile #4 in area 12.

monster hunter rise dragonhusk shards

Players should now continue to follow the pathway through area 11 and out of the underground. Upon emerging from the tunnel, fans should use their Palamutes in MH Rise to scale the cliff face that is just to their left and loot Bonepile #5. Players should then continue their ascent, and they will find Bonepile #6 just after climbing up a wall that is covered with vines. With this final Bonepile looted, players should return to the Main Camp and repeat this process until they have all the Dragonhusk Shards that they need.

To note, it is possible for there to be an Upsurge: Bonepiles on Frost Islands, and players should make sure to take advantage of that when it comes around. To confirm that such an Upsurge is taking place, fans should check the “Locale Info” section of the Frost Islands Expedition, which can be accessed in Monster Hunter Rise's Kamura Village. While it is certainly not mandatory that a player farms Dragonhusk Shards during an Upsurge: Bonepiles, it is the absolute best time to do so.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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