Marvel’s Avengers made some progress last year, and many are hoping for some big things to come throughout 2022. While some players are keeping busy making custom Marvel’s Avengers roadmaps as they wait for the real thing, one recent suggestion saw others pushing for some minor villains to be included. If these named but lesser-known antagonists were introduced, one perfect model to follow would be the Cosmic Cube Villain Sector.

Otherwise known as “Beating The Odds,” the mission sees players taking on the Scientist Supreme in a challenging fight that is unlike anything else Marvel’s Avengers has to offer. It was a huge step in the right direction when it comes to boss design, showing that Crystal Dynamics is improving in this area. As such, not only does the game need a lot more Villain Sectors, but it should get Villain Sectors that are as complex as the one for Monica Rappaccini.


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What Makes “Beating The Odds” So Great

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There is a lot about the Cosmic Cube content that works well, but perhaps the best thing about it is the fact that it is so different from the battle against Monica from Marvel’s Avengers’ singleplayer mode. In the campaign, Monica was inside a white AIM mech. While she had more attacks than the usual AIM bots, as well as a larger health bar, the fight against her was fairly similar to what came before.

In “Beating The Odds,” Marvel’s Avengers players experience a boss fight that is completely different from their other clash with Monica. Here, she is empowered by the Cosmic Cube, using it to shift reality and make a special arena for the boss fight. She boasts a powerful insta-kill attack that she charges up, with players getting a window to damage her during the charging process. However, if they do not get behind a pillar before she unleashes the blast, they will be downed.

This wipe mechanic ensures that Monica requires more coordination to bring down than any other boss, with only Marvel’s Avengers’ first raid requiring more teamwork. There are only a few pillars in the arena, and once all of them are gone, players will have nowhere to hide from the wipe attack. This means that they need to take her down quickly and deal as much damage as possible during her vulnerable phases, which leads to the introduction of another mechanic.

When Monica is shielded, she will send waves of clones at players, with a few powerful Adaptoid-like clones mixed in with dozens of basic clones that are eliminated quickly. Each of the basic clones gives players a buff, with players needing to stack these buffs before Monica’s charging phase starts so that they can do extra damage to her. This once again requires strategy, as players should only take down the stronger Adaptoid clone once their buff is as high as it can be.

The Monica boss fight is a huge breath of fresh air when compared to what is seen in the rest of the game. The massive AIM vehicles are fairly repetitive, as players are essentially just smacking weakpoints between battles with normal enemies. Maestro and Abomination feel too similar, which is not shocking given their roles as Gamma monsters, and even the unique fight with Taskmaster gets old after being repeated constantly. The other bosses lack wipe attacks and are never truly threatening on regular difficulties, as they often feel like boring damage sponges instead of intimidating foes.

Not only is the Scientist Supreme herself a standout boss battle, but the lead-up to the encounter is a good lesson for Marvel’s Avengers’ future content. The Villain Sector makes use of the underused underwater base, an area that is only seen in a few Drop Zones and Warzones. Having this change of scenery and new environments to fight through makes the entire mission enjoyable, not just the boss fight at the end.

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Bringing More Memorable Villain Sectors To Marvel’s Avengers

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Monica’s Villain Sector shows how exciting new kinds of bosses can be, so Crystal Dynamics would be wise to prioritize battles against villains with unique movesets. Even if the characters are not big-name antagonists like Loki or Thanos, they could be a lot of fun to clash with. Minor villains could be easily worked into the narrative, too, as AIM could hire the individual Avengers’ adversaries to help bring them down. This way, new Villain Sectors could be added regularly without the need to set them up, as someone like Living Laser could simply want to take down Iron Man because of some history between the two.

By focusing on minor villains with unique abilities, Crystal Dynamics could introduce a series of Villain Sectors that feel varied and memorable. Currently, bosses are being added to the game far too slowly, so padding out the boss count with some B-Tier adversaries could keep players engaged. A Villain Sector that sees players taking on the Spider-Man villain Sandman is one example of how this approach could pay off. While he may not be as intimidating as Venom or Doctor Octopus, his ability to change size and shape makes him an interesting foe and an Avengers-level threat. Different phases could be triggered by players weakening him with water in the environment, making him more open to attacks.

Aside from adding more bosses that have special mechanics and proper phases, Crystal Dynamics should look at how “Beating The Odds” used existing-but-underused environments. The Northern Expanse only featured in Black Widow’s Iconic mission, so a hypothetical boss fight against Yelena Belova could take place there. Likewise, the Scandinavian Highlands only appear in Thor’s Iconic chain despite being a standout location. A hypothetical Villain Sector with a Frost Giant could be a good use of the area. The Wasteland from Future Imperfect is ripe for more missions, and the top of the Helicarrier from the campaign is begging to become a multiplayer Warzone. With all this potential, Crystal Dynamics should repurpose the game’s rarely seen areas to craft fresh Villain Sectors.

Marvel’s Avengers has had many ups and downs, but the Cosmic Cube was undoubtedly a highlight of 2021. While new heroes like She-Hulk will surely be exciting to see in action, Villain Sectors that follow in the footsteps of “Beating The Odds” should be prioritized.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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