Paramount Pictures and ViacomCBS announced that Kendrick Lamar and South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have signed on to produce an untitled live-action comedy for the studio.

Vernon Chatman will write the Paramount film, which will center around a young Black man interning as a slave re-enactor at a living history museum who discovers that his white girlfriend's ancestors once owned him. Lamar and Free will produce the film for their PGLang company, while South Park creators Stone and Parker will produce the project for Park County. The film's production plans to begin its initial phases this spring, but no word of a director attached to the project has risen to the surface yet. Paramount Pictures will handle all distribution stages for the project, with plans to theatrically release the film and stream it on its Paramount Plus streaming platform.


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Paramount Pictures president and CEO Brian Robbins expressed the following about the upcoming project, "On behalf of Paramount Pictures and the wider ViacomCBS family, we look forward to ushering in the first theatrical collaboration from these creative visionaries, and galvanizing audiences worldwide around a powerful storytelling experience." Stone and Parker are known for the comedic flare they can generate upon the screen, creating timeless episodes in the South Park franchise, but the vision instilled within Lamar and Free may be an element that will help propel the untitled story even further. This project will get interesting once the foundational details iron themselves out, but the names attached so far are enough to pique curiosity.

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Lamar and Free started their media company PGLang in 2020, establishing the business to serve as a record label and production/publication house. As stated, the untitled feature would be the companies first but could potentially lay the groundwork for more opportunities in the future. Stone and Parker are the tag-team best known for their Emmy-winning series South Park, which will continue its trailblazing path, airing its 25th season this year. The two recently signed a massive deal with ViacomCBS, on track to make $900 million under the six-year agreement. Within the terms, South Park will continue through season 30, including 14 films based on the show, debuting on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. While the two companies sit in different arenas, they both have the opportunity to assist the other significantly.

Chatman is a highly-accredited writer and has been a frequent participant on the South Park franchise for 20 seasons. He's been around the block in a number of different professional areas and offers a level of expertise that will bring the project's cryptic visions to life. His partnership with Stone and Parker will significantly benefit this upcoming film because of their familiarity with each other's creative process on South Park. There's no doubt the laughs will be present, which many expect in Stone and Parker's work, but the visionary elements provided by Lamar and Free may ignite some educational moments in the comedy. It's unclear what direction they plan to take this untitled venture, but based on the premise, it's bound to spark conversations amongst those who give it a viewing.

As production begins this spring, more information should arise about additional elements attached to the upcoming film. Of course, it will be hard to assess the work until some footage is released, but the direction appears to be one with some great minds involved. Excitement is evident within the studio walls and will hopefully build as the picture becomes clearer.

The untitled comedy is in development at Paramount.

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Source: Deadline

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