Halo Infinite launched with a solid selection of maps for both its Arena and Big Team Battle styled game modes, however many players have started growing tired of these same locales. Fortunately, a new leak gives players a glimpse at five of Halo Infinite's newest maps, showing promising signs for the future.

The map selection in Halo Infinite has been received pretty favorably by players for the most part. Maps like Streets and Recharge offer that classic Arena gameplay with close and long range sight lines, while the larger maps of Fragmentation and Deadlock balance spaces for large vehicle encounters while also making on-foot combat viable. After so many runs though, like in any other multiplayer game, these maps have started to become familiar and fans want new play spaces. 343 Industries previously said players shouldn't expect new maps at Halo Infinite's launch, and now two months out, the desire for new content is mounting.


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A new leak on Twitter offers Halo Infinite players a first-look at five new maps currently in development. Leaks_infinite, a reputable Halo Infinite reporter and model extractor, shares in a tweet five placeholder images of maps still in their blocking, un-textured stage, along with their names. The first map Bath Salts appears to be set in a mine of some kind, with rock structures dotting the image and rail tracks wrapping around the frame. Cataract is the next map which is clearly Forerunner in inspiration, the orange lighting and sleek architecture evoking images of classic Halo 3 maps like Citadel and Epitaph.

Next on the list is Forbidden that even without its textures is reminiscent of Halo's less futuristic maps like 2's Sanctuary and Infinite's Bazaar. Beltway, as the name states, seems to be set in some sort of plant where a cargo belt is transferring boxes, which will most likely make for many dynamic gameplay situations.

Lastly is Solitude, a map that appears to be inspired directly from Halo Infinite's campaign, as a giant chasm down the map's center features the same polygonal Forerunner siding that make up Zeta Halo. It is currently unknown when any of these maps will launch.

Obviously, the extracts pulled by leaks_infinite represent maps that are a work-in-progress, and until they are actually shown off will players really know what's happening within them. Nonetheless, the fact that files for new Halo Infinite maps are already within the game is a promising sign that hopefully soon 343 Industries will have some more information to share.

Halo Infinite Season 1 currently has about four more months left to go, but that doesn't mean these maps won't appear before then.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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