Halo Infinite has now been made fully available to gamers after its campaign was released on December 8. While there existed plenty of concerns around Halo Infinite before its final launch, the game seems to have exceeded fans’ expectations. This has left Halo fans pleasantly surprised with what they’ve been offered, and many are excited to see what the future holds for the game. Fans are expecting a bunch of content to be added to the game over the coming months and years, including a handful of classic modes that weren’t available on launch. These absences have led to a number of rumors surrounding upcoming content, which fans have been lapping up.


Halo Infinite’s leaks since launch have been varied, with them concerning a number of different aspects of the game. While many fans may have been hoping for leaks around game modes, these have been few and far between so far. However, one recent leak may prove exciting to fans of Halo and of Pixar films, as it would see the two come together in one of the more unexpected crossovers. From this leak, it looks as though Halo Infinite may soon welcome the likes of Buzz Lightyear to its ranks, although it is quite sparing in detail as of yet.

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Halo Infinite’s Buzz Lightyear Crossover

Lightyear Halo Infinite Warthog

All that has been released around this leak to this point is an image on the official Halo subreddit. Reddit user bissue_tox posted five images with a total of 23 Warthog skins, claiming that they had been found within the game files. However, one image in particular took the attention of fans. It included Warthogs of two different shades of green, one was red, and yet another had a light blue skin. However, the one that stood out to fans was on the near left-hand side, as the image displayed a Warthog seemingly sporting the colors of Buzz Lightyear’s suit from Toy Story. The vehicle sports a white base with purple and green trim and red elements throughout.

The skin looks a bit too intentional to simply be crossed off as a coincidence, which has left fans convinced that a Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover is in the works. As of now, it appears as though this crossover will only have an impact on Halo Infinite’s vehicles, though this may change over the coming months. As crossovers go, if it were to only feature a Warthog skin, it would not be one of the biggest crossover events in gaming. Some Reddit users have speculated that the skin could also apply to armor cores and weapons, although thus far this not been a part of the leak.

What is Lightyear?

Buzz Lightyear Pixar Chris Evans

The subject of this crossover is the upcoming Buzz Lightyear movie, Lightyear. The movie was announced in 2020 and is set to release this year on June 17, giving Halo fans a potential release period for the crossover. This also offers some amount of legitimacy to the leak, as it makes sense that now would be the time for a crossover. Aside from the timing, though, fans may find the concept of Master Chief and Buzz Lightyear colliding to be strange. After all, the tone of Toy Story and Halo Infinite seem as though they should be at odds with one another.

Still, the upcoming Lightyear movie does seem as though it may be slightly more comparable to Halo than Buzz Lightyear’s portrayal in the Toy Story movies. Judging from the trailer for Lightyear, it looks as though the movie will feature a more realistic depiction of Buzz Lightyear compared to his toy counterpart in Toy Story. This is perhaps why Halo Infinite is seen as a good fit for a crossover with Lightyear and may bring some level of plausibility to the leaks.

Halo Infinite is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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