One of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed games in history, God of War has officially been ported to PC. Both God of War newcomers and longtime fans can now purchase the game and play through on PC, making their way through the Norse mythology-inspired story.

Whenever a popular game is released on PC, many players' first thoughts turn to modding, as mods can improve or completely change gameplay or aesthetics. Players will be excited to learn that two of God of War's developers fully support the modding community, and think God of War mods would be fun.


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The developers in question, Creative Director Cory Barlog and Senior Manager of Technical Production Matt DeWald, said in an interview that they want to add mod support in the future, as currently the PC port does not have a system to support modding. However, they would love to see what players could change about the game. Barlog himself even said he prefers to play PC games with mods, further pushing players to change God of War how they see fit.

Going further in-depth about mod support, the pair warned that the systems used to create God of War were custom and complicated. They said, even with comprehensive training, it takes months to bring new developers fully up to speed with the ins and outs of the system. They also said building a support system for mods would be awesome, but to do so would be very hard and take a very long time due to the challenges of learning the system.

Encouraging players to mod the game is certain to bring in a larger player base as well as a larger crowd of modders. God of War devs encouraging modders is sure to have positive outcomes, both for the game and its community. Sometimes, game developers dissuade modders or add features into games to make modding harder or impossible. With the verbal and potential technical support of the developers, God of War players can expect that mods could become a large part of the game in its PC future.

With God of War now available for purchase and download on PC, players are surely making their way through the wilderness as Kratos while modders are hard at work changing the game from top to bottom. Only time will tell what wacky mods the community creates, but for now, players can enjoy the game as it was originally intended.

God of War is now available on PC and PS4.

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Source: Game Informer

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