Several Genshin Impact players are reporting issues with input delay since the release of a recent patch, but miHoYo has yet to address their concerns. According to some dedicated Genshin Impact fans, the delays began around the release of update 2.4 and have caused many problems, primarily with combat.

Reddit user Ciri2020 recently shared a large text post letting others in the Genshin Impact community know that any input delays that they're experiencing are not unique. Ciri 2020 cites their own Genshin Impact experiences in addition to seeing countless players complaining about attacks working improperly in chat messages in the Reddit post. While input delay can impact many Genshin Impact activities, the most notably affected aspects of the RPG that have been affected are charged attacks, skills, and bursts.


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When gamers encounter input issues in multiplayer titles like Genshin Impact such as Final Fantasy 14 or World of Warcraft, it's typically lag caused by an internet stutter or internal hardware malfunctioning. Ciri2020 made the aforementioned Reddit post in an effort to make other Genshin Impact players more aware of the issue extending beyond their machines. Because this seems to be an internal mess caused by the latest patch, most players, if not all, can expect to experience some level of input delays until miHoYo fixes the problem.

According to Ciri2020, the Genshin Impact delays are causing charged attacks, bursts, and skills to not trigger correctly. This results in Genshin Impact fans just standing there waiting for what their button presses would trigger, but nothing happens. Ciri2020 confirmed that they've been experiencing and seeing other players encounter the input delays for the last three days. Genshin Impact update 2.4 was released on January 5 which roughly coincides with the beginning of the delays.

Ciri2020 has also updated their Reddit post to raise awareness about another problem they've encountered in Genshin Impact. Mentioning "many other players" as evidence that they aren't alone in noticing this additional issue, Ciri2020 stated that there are some strange frames popping up in Genshin Impact every 27 seconds or so that cause noticeable half-second stutters.

Combat is a key part of Genshin Impact and being unable to properly strategize an attack due to input delays can ruin the experience for players. Genshin Impact's action-based combat is heavily combo-based and this input delay issue may make typically engaging encounters full of button mashing a bit more frustrating. Genshin Impact players who thought that their hardware was faulty can rest assured that it's a dilemma with the miHoYo RPG, but it's currently unclear how long these fans will be waiting for a fix for the input delays and frozen frames.

Genshin Impact is available right now for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Switch version also in development.

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