Despite being less than a decade old, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series has become one of the most prominent success stories in the industry. It went from a short indie game that was a viral hit to a huge, very profitable franchise. Not only are Five Nights at Freddy’s toys and books found in the biggest store chains, with a Five Nights movie in the works, the games themselves have cemented their place in Internet and gaming culture. With over six games in the main continuity and more to come, Five Nights at Freddy’s does not show any signs of stopping.


This year saw the release of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, a different take on the formula with the ability to freely wander around compared to the mission-specific levels of Sister Location and the other games’ claustrophobic spaces. The series' tradition of introducing new animatronics still applies to Security Breach. Similar to Sister Location, the game only recycled half the classic Fazbear crew. As a result, there are brand-new animatronics representing characters that players have never seen before accompanying new versions of familiar characters.

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The Main Animatronics

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The Glamrock animatronics are more dedicated to a musician gimmick than previous incarnations of the Fazbear band. Specifically based on 1980s rock stars, they are flashier and more colorful than their older counterparts. Most of the robotic characters in Security Breach are also fully voiced, rather than being limited to possessed screams like the older animatronics.

Glamrock Freddy is the leader of the band, and arguably its most distinct member. Compared to the older Freddy models, he is more colorful due with sky-blue makeup that matches his hat and claws, as well as red shoulder pads and white feet. Unlike every other Freddy with the possible exception of his first incarnation, he actually leads his posse of animatronics. Additionally, Glamrock Freddy is one of the few benevolent animatronics in the series, spending his time helping the protagonist Gregory.

Glamrock Chica has a pink-and-white motif, similar to the Funtime characters in Sister Location. Beyond her color scheme, she seems to be a hybrid between the first two Chicas. Her humanoid, feminine body, and the fact that she loses her beak is reminiscent of Toy Chica. However, her obsession with eating pizza is similar to the original Chica’s habit of wandering around in the kitchen.

Montgomery Gator, aka “Monty”, is a brand-new character and the first reptilian animatronic. He represents the PizzaPlex’s mini golf course, and although he seems friendly, Monty is the most antagonistic and aggressive of the animatronics, as it is implied that he did not need to be brainwashed unlike Chica and Roxy.

Roxanne Wolf, aka “Roxy”, is the other new animatronic, replacing Foxy as the group's canine. Representing a go-kart track, Roxy’s presence makes the Glamrock gang one of the few in the series to have the same number of male and female members. Roxy is vain and the most childish of the animatronics, obsessed with her looks and using threats akin to schoolyard bullying.

Other Notable Animatronics

five nights at freddys security breach daycare attendant sun

There are two additional Glamrock members who are no longer part of the band. Glamrock Bonnie was the original bassist before Monty replaced him, and Glamrock Mr. Hippo - a new version of one of the Mediocre Melodies - is present in one of the game's endings, apparently disliked by everyone.

The other notable animatronics are the Daycare Attendant and DJ Music Man. The Attendant is one of the most unique in the series, being a humanoid, harlequin robot with a sun-and-moon motif. As “Sun,” it is a jovial but overbearing attendant who is deeply afraid of the lights being turned off. As “Moon,” it becomes violent and obsessed with punishing children. DJ Music Man is a spider-like robot, much bigger than his counterpart in Ultimate Custom Night and Pizzeria Simulator. He can be found in the arcade, enjoying his own music, and while he seems hostile the character is perfectly fine with leaving intruders be if they also leave him alone.

Security Breach recycles old concepts while bringing something new to the table. Its characterization is more straightforward instead of relying on vague hints like in the older games, and due to Security Breach’s way of having players interact with them, its animatronics might become some the most appreciated among fans.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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