Gemma Chan recently reflected on many things, including her time on Eternals. Furthermore, she teased the future of her character Sersi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Eternals, Sersi is known for having the power of transmutation. She can touch anything and turn it into whatever she wants. At various points in the film, she transmutes the ground into an open field of ice, turns a falling bus into rose petals, and she even creates water as well as plant life on top of dried land.


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During an interview with W Magazine, Chan was asked if Sersi would return in a future Marvel Studios project. In response, Chan replied said, “Yes… Marvel owns us for life [Laughs].” Fortunately, Chan has grown attached to her character, with the actor adding, “In Eternals, she starts out shy and then discovers her power as a leader. That was fun.”


While Chan's comments on being owned by Marvel were made in jest, it’s true that signing on for an MCU project means that talent will be likely be in it for the long run. Multiple movies, sequels, spin-offs, and television shows are often a part of the Marvel Studios contract. It’s what makes the universe so special, and what makes a connected world between all the MCU projects possible.

Chan, along with the entire cast of Eternals, did a phenomenal job of bringing their characters to life in this movie. Everybody brought out the personality and quirks that set their characters apart from each other. Seeing as though the movie ended on a very big cliffhanger, fans shouldn’t be surprised if they see these characters return in the future.

Regardless of where fans stand on Eternals' performance, the movie is definitely pivotal to a lot of things for Marvel Studios moving forward. It connects a lot of pieces that will move the Marvel Cinematic Universe towards the cosmos.

Eternals is now available on Disney Plus.

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Source: W Magazine

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